Sessions are one on one which can be in person at my office in Midtown Manhattan, over the phone, or via Skype.


30 Minute Express Session

60 Minute Session

Group Sessions

From time to time I offer group sessions and seminars.


  • Team Building
  • Trust Exercises
  • Creating a collaborative workspace
  • Finding Fulfillment

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Discounts are available for booking packages of sessions.




Are you a couple who wants a full and loving relationship that puts you both on the same page at the same time with little effort and no agenda? Working together with a coach can empower you both to get there as one.


Are you a women searching for a relationship that will bring you to understand men and learn how to communicate with them on there level and finally feel like what you are saying is being understood?


Are you a man who has been searching for a mutually loving and fullfilling long lasting relationship that has always eluded you?





Team Building

Team Building




Client Experiences

I saw rusty for the first time with my sister, because she begged me to come with her. I didn’t think I really needed to go because I thought I was doing just fine. Before I started seeing Rusty I didn’t think anything was wrong with me. But, once I started talking to him I realized all I had been keeping inside. Rusty really helped to crack me open and help me become aware of myself. Now I don’t want to say that my life is better now just because of Rusty, but my life is better now because of Rusty. We worked together to get me to a place of understanding and consciousness, and I am very thankful for the work we’ve done together
— Victoria Arslani

Thank you for all the love and guidance you have provided me over the past several months . It has been so helpful and comforting as I have navigated this transition and come to terms with the unknown. You have fed me with spiritual food, giving me, or helping me access the strength and courage to move though this with grace and an open mind. You truly have a gift, and I have felt as though our sessions have led me to more love and freedom. I feel so grateful for this and for the opportunity to have gotten to know you. Thank you for sharing your gifts and for believing in me. Thank you for helping me realize my potential. I thank you for pushing me to be better. I will be taking these lessons to use and share wherever I go. Thank you
— Lindsay

I am grateful to be working with such an intuitive, genuine and committed coach as Rusty. With encouragement and support, I have been able to navigate more confidently through life’s transitions. Rusty is an exceptional listener, coaching in a gentle and direct way. Engaging conversations and thoughtful questions have led to an awareness of self-defeating behaviors that have kept me from moving forward. I have a sense of control in my life that I have never before experienced. I am building self-esteem and continuing to live to my full potential with Rusty’s valuable guidance.
— Alex M.

Rusty is a remarkably gifted life coach! He has led me to open doors I didn’t know existed. Patient, clear, strong and empathetic, he will guide you on your path to yourself no matter your personal background or the challenges life places in your path. If you have the opportunity to spend time with Rusty, take advantage of it.
— LS

Rusty’s knowledge and compassion, coupled with real world insight, inspires and motivates one to face the real world with your head and heart open to whatever challenges and treasures the universe holds for you. He gives me the tools to see and understand the complexities of the self and how it relates to the world around me.
— Paul R.

Rusty is an amazing life coach! He is intuitive, direct, warm, and accepting. His intention is to help and guide you so that you can find the better way to improve yourself. When he asked me questions, he helped me to reflect and observe my behavior differently. His weekly homework is on target, and I have a better awareness of my thoughts and patterns. Having him as a life coach is such a valuable experience for me.
— Aikiko H.

Working with Rusty has been a life changing experience. I feel so lucky and blessed to know this wise and caring man! Rusty continually asks me to look deep within myself to examine my negative behavioral patterns, and has created a safe space where I can look at them in a non-judgmental way. I am forever grateful to have him in my life.
— Ellie A.

I was coached by Rusty during a time in my life that I needed to make a major decision. I was at a crossroads, and really needed to discover who I was and understand the different options that I had. Rusty provided the space for me to explore, listen, and support me throughout the process. If you are truly ready to make a change in your life, he is the coach for you!
— Aime S.

I have just finished working though an 8 week program with Rusty Bergen as my Life Coach. Overall , it was a great experience and extremely helpful in achieving my goals. Rusty worked with me one on one , coaching and teaching me on how to deal with my issues and developed an overall plan for me to live life happily. We worked on many techniques, using audio, video and meditation to name a few . These techniques were very helpful in dealing with life`s pressures and my anxieties in dealing with them. After I learned them, things in general became much easier to deal with in my everyday life, not just when I felt sad or depressed. It was great to know Rusty was a just a phone call or text away, if I had a problem that surfaced and needed to be addressed .
Rusty is not only a terrific LIFE COACH, but also a great friend, I would highly recommend his services to anyone with or without special problems, because his sessions not only help you with your problems, they give you a plan to live a more happy, satisfying , productive life !
Personally, Rusty coached me though one of the toughest and most transitional times of my entire life, I am more in tune with my thoughts and feelings than ever before in my life. In closing I would like to say thank you, for one of the most rewarding experiences of my life..
Thanks Again.
— Jeff Goldberg

Here is the truth . It`s something that we all are so easily inclined to deny or exaggerate but in this case , having worked with Rusty for some time now, the truth is all I have to say. And the truth is that Rusty is a superhero but he is a superhero . Not a cape wearing , asteroid crushing kind of superhero but he is a superhero in the sense that he is one of very few people with the talent, intelligence ,and most importantly ,heart to help guide any one that is truly searching for a better path.

I know this all sounds a lot like a miracle worker or Jesus for those who are religious , but he is no miracle worker. He is a miracle. He is someone with whom you can share your inner soul. He is someone you can trust and someone who can help guide you to taking the right steps in your personal life, love life and professional life.

I have found that by working with Rusty , my life has drastically improved. Not in a material ways or in physical ways ( although as a result of my clarity I have enabled myself to see new opportunities that have provided me substantial material wealth) but in the most important way there is, emotionally. By helping remove my own emotional obstacles and trepidations, I was able to see the truth and the truth my friends, will set you free!
— Rueven Shapiro

Rusty has coached me though an incredibly hard time in my life. He did it without judgement of me, with the utmost compassion and the honest feedback I needed to hear.
I came to Rusty feeling like a cracked shell lying in a million pieces on the floor and he has helped me become the whole, full solid person I feel now. Though his coaching I was able to look at the skewed way I allowed people to victimize me in life and the energy I was sending out that attracted more victimization. Rusty made me feel unbelievably comfortable in allowing me to get to a very real and honest place with myself and my past decisions. I am forever grateful to him for his commitment , availability and his friendship to me. I am now an empowered, self-respecting , hopeful woman who cannot be broken again. Rusty gave that to me though his heartfelt love…
— Annie Casalan